Our Comapny

Planverse provides a smart floor plan search and recommendation solution for architects, brokers and others. The main product is a software platform powered by Artificial intelligence, introducing a holistic user-centered search and recommendation system that provides architects with a powerful retrieval system for architectural graphical content (floor plans) for inspiration and better decisions in pre-design stage. Additionally, our search platform can assist brokers and property buyers/renters with selecting their ideal property for purchase or rent.


Provide end to end solutions that guarantee technical success as well as ways towards a safer, cheaper and better building design. Our mission at Company is to become the Number One provider of leading-edge Canadian floor plan recommender available in the Canadian market. At company we will always strive to enhance an enjoyable lifestyle and an excellent standard of living for all of our clients and employees. The key to our success will be a combination of product excellence that is backed up with high technologies and professional experience.